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You Say Hello and I Say Goodbye

First things first: Very proudly, happily, and belatedly announcing the arrival of Daphne Helene, born on November 8, 2011 at 4:19pm and 7lb7oz!.


The birth went incredibly well, yet was oddly similar to our first delivery experience despite popular stories of the second time around being easier and/or faster. The we-just-birth-those-babies-after-18-hours-of-active-labor team of mom and baby have been healthy and in all ways wonderful since little Daphne joined us. Miss Daphne showed us from day one (when she slept from 10pm to 6am – what? – don’t worry, she didn’t do it again) that she is equally delightful yet very different from her big sister. She nurses, eats, sleeps, plays, and learns in different ways than Nola ever has, which is without a doubt one of the most entertaining and joyful things of having another baby and parenting sisters.


Daphne and Nola also happen to be alike in several intriguing ways, such as their looks, somewhat shockingly advanced gross motor skills, never-ending enjoyment of social interaction, vocal volume, and ability to poop or pee on any cute outfit within an hour of it being put on. Put them in old or already stained clothes and somehow those diapers hold up just fine. But the best things about being a family of four are how it feels like Daphne has always been a part of our family and we were waiting for her without realizing it, how she makes us want at least one more baby (there is still one embryo “in the freezer”), and how these little girls LOVE each other. If we could successfully exterminate the ants that have taken up residence in Nola’s pants, I swear we could leave the two of them alone together for long periods of time and they would both enjoy the heck out of themselves. In short, we are happy.

And seriously, who wouldn’t be with a cute baby like Daphne?


Second things second: This is my last blog post. Somewhere toward the end of a seriously impressive How I Met Your Mother–athon Constance realized that this blog had become that completely nice, attractive girl the guy dates and then stops calling after they finally round third base. He genuinely liked her, but not enough to take any more serious steps than he already had, so he thinks he’ll call her later because he’s got a lot of other stuff going on and really just wants something else right now. He might even subconsciously keep her on-the-hook (for those HIMYM watchers) because he’s just not sure, but he is sure enough to wait. This all results in an awkward amount of time going by for which he feels kind of bad about but still doesn’t call because he already knows he’s that guy-who-didn’t-call.

Now, hopefully in this analogy, the girl runs into this guy in a nice, public setting where she delivers a few mentally-prepared killer verbal punches she’s been saving for that moment, thus restoring the balance of power and decency. When the girl is a blog, however, she’ll be on-the-hook forever if I don’t suit up and just say it. So here it is. Writing this blog on a regular basis, or even just again, doesn’t comfortably fit into my life and work and hasn’t for some time despite our family’s collective soft spot for it. Since a blog is something that should exist so long as it enhances the writer’s well-being, it’s past time to bring things to a close.

With all sincerity, we have loved having this blog and its readers be a part of our lives – it was an honest and relied-on source of community and comfort when there was much need for both. It gave us a book (wow!), friends we met and many we didn’t, and saw us through years of infertility to parenthood twice over. Thank you. We remain ever grateful and wish you much love, joy, fulfillment, peace, and freedom from anyone or anything that’s got you on the hook.

Sincerely and with thanks,
The Miller Family (of Four)

7 Responses to “You Say Hello and I Say Goodbye”

  1. Thank you for this - you have done some amazing writing on this site. Congratulations and LOVE.

  2. I’m so happy to hear that things have turned out wonderfully for you. This was one of the only blogs I read while my husband & I were going through our infertility journey. I felt like you put into words the things we felt, but didn’t have the ability to express. And your obvious love for your wife was just inspiring. Thank you for sharing yourselves with us.

  3. Thanks for doing such great and authentic work with this blog. Cheers to the Millers!

  4. Have enjoyed your journey and thoughtful writing that was timely and helpful as our family went through similar struggles. I give my profound thanks and wish you only the very, very best! Congratulations to you all.

  5. Hello, goodbye, and more importantly, congratulations! This post serves as a wonderful bookend to your blog. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all of your posts and wear a broad smile seeing the pictures of your beautiful family of four. With wherever you all go, whatever you do, may it all result in happiness.

    (formerly Baby Moxie)

  6. What a beautiful family! Thank you so much for your blog, Matt! We are now going through IVF (ET is on Monday!) and I’m enjoying going back through your blog:) Maybe Baby has done more for me then you’ll ever know:)

  7. Thank you so much for being so very generous with your stories and thoughts, for letting us be a part of your lives for a while… And what a beautiful family you are… Only the best for the four Millers! Thank you and goodnight from Germany!

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