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Movin’ on Up, but Only 2 Blocks Away

Communication is my brittle weakness, and I lose track of and touch with many people I adore. My dear friend Mary, who spent the previous two weeks traipsing about France on a holiday focused on consuming copious amounts of fromage, shooting espresso and attending Tori Amos concerts, emailed me this morning with a unique request. We haven’t spoken outside of email in over a month, and since both of us have a crippling aversion to the telephone, it’s challenging to stay abreast of life’s intimate fractions.

And with our big move moving at a gazelle’s clip, Mary’s curiosity spawned the following:

“I know you’re busy at work and stuff, but can you give me a run-down of your feelings about the move/how it’s going/what you’re doing/etc.? Like, “Matt’s Top 10″ of what you’re thinking about these days? I’d love to know!”

I now present you Matt’s Top 10 list as presented to Mary. It’s really just a list of questions that encapsulate where I am right now, but I think you’ll get the gist of where my non-baby thoughts reside at present.

“Matt’s Top 10 List of Lingering Questions and Quandaries”
10. Wait, so you’re saying we’re completely out of boxes … again?
9. Do you know anybody that needs a ___________________?
8. Hey,Constance: Is it OK if I drop $175 on a European Dualit coffee maker to match our toaster?
7. Can you even believe that we’re going to have a dishwasher, garbage disposal, washer/dryer and flat screen TV all to ourselves?
6. Is it bad to throw out a large print Bible inscribed by my grandma?
5. Did that a-hole weatherman just say it’s going to be in the 90ºs next week during our move?
4. Darn it! Did Marcy just eat her second package of maxi pads this week? And a kitchen sponge??
3. Constance, this is the most significant moment of our lives - this feels even bigger than our wedding day, don’t you agree?
2. Oh my god - that’s disgusting! How in the world did that get under the bookcase/hutch/sofa/bed?
1. Can you even wait to have the 1st week of July off for vacation to wallow in the beauty of our new home?

23 Responses to “Movin’ on Up, but Only 2 Blocks Away”

  1. Just be aware, the two block moves are harder and more tiring than the cross-country moves. We just moved across the country, and it was really pretty easy. Good luck, though — I’m sure it will be great when it’s all over!

  2. Let me know what you decide about #6. I have two similarly incribed Bibles and experience guilt when I start to place them in the Goodwill pile.

  3. My husband read number 8 and suggest you get a keurig single serve coffee maker - he loves his. If he could take it everywhere with him he would. He’s become quite the little coffee snob. Ultimately I hope the move goes well and you find more boxes.

  4. Bonnie - the Bible made its way to our public alley and was promptly adopted by a passerby.

    As for the coffee maker, well, the Dualit one has arrived as of today. It’s so pretty it blinds me, momentarily at least.

  5. Just curious. What did Constance say to #3?

  6. As per #3, Constance agreed with me. Nothing changed after we got married: it was life as usual only with newly acquired bands of white gold. This is the first time we feel like our lives are truly changing.

  7. Matty you just made me laugh so hard that I accidently inhaled a large amount of the pepper I was sprinkling on my lunch and now I have pepper-burned sinuses! Yes, yes it’s true — our adorable puppy is addicted to maxi pads.

    StrangeHeather — so far we have been lucky in that our closer moves have been much easier than our two cross-country moves which were NOT FUN AT ALL. Maybe it’s because the first time we had to pack, unpack again before we left (long story), and then be without our belongings for a week when we got there. The second time we had to go the cheapest route possible to transport all our stuff which involved a large and dirty semi. Also, with no family in the area and weakling friends (and wife), Matt had to load ALL THE HEAVY ITEMS BY HIMSELF (there’s a lot) onto AND off the truck. When we finally got to Chicago, there was no one to help and a large flight of stairs. This time we have less stairs, more time, pre-painted walls, fun new shiz in new shiny boxes, and HOPEFULLY some help.

  8. niobe — I second Matt’s reply.

    Except of course for the fact that I am still mourning my graduation from graduate school. Couldn’t they just let me stay there forever and ever?

  9. Hey love the list but of course I am more alerted to the fact that your friend Mary has been following Tori around France. I’m dying to know how the tour is going and one of my own top 10 questions, totally selfish, of course: when are they gonna announce her US Tour dates???? I gotta know!
    Good luck with your move. Be sure to drink plenty of water and take lots of breaks (ugh, I am such a mom even though I don’t have any kids!!!).

  10. Mmm, coffee makers. I have a Gaggia one (that, completely by accident, matches the toaster). I love it so very much. It even steams the milk for cappuccino. Oh, heaven. My husband, who is an alien from Planet My-Body-Is-A-Temple, can’t stand coffee, but even he likes playing with the coffee-machine (great when I don’t want to get out of bed of a weekend!).

    Good luck with the house move. I hate moving house so much I’d almost sooner stay in this poky flat for ever and ever. I REALLY feel for you guys. More so than you need to be felt for, possibly, out of sheer empathic overload. Packing. *shudder*.

  11. Good luck with the move! I hope it’s painless. And, I hear you about #2. It’s perhaps the most disturbing part about moving, finding all kinds of gross surprises in dark corners.

  12. Oh, I can so relate. One year, I moved three times over the course of 15 months, all within 8 blocks. My friends and family, who helped me each time, stopped answering the phone when I called for fear of another move. Then my husband and I moved cross country and back a few years later, moved in with my parents for 3 months and, finally, moved into our very first, very own house. It was such an incredible thing to sign the many many papers and then walk into OUR place. Enjoy the feeling, especially waking up that first day in your new home. Make sure to set your fancy coffee maker to make some fresh brew to wake you up. My tips for you: Rent or borrow a couple of hand trucks and a furniture dolly. Forget boxes for your clothes - short moves call for garbage bags or just leave the clothes in your drawers and bag up the drawers individually. Finally, consider hiring someone to help you load and unload if you don’t have enough help from friends. We didn’t have any help so we hired two guys from Labor Ready when we moved back from California. Best money we ever spent. Good luck and congrats and enjoy your new place.

  13. Once, I moved.

    Out of my bedroom at my parents’ home. And into our house. Across the yard. We built next to them. I didn’t go far. lol!! And I only had what was in my bedroom because I was, after all, only 20 and had (obviously) never been married. Easy move.

    Moving sounds awful. I hope yours is as easy as it can possibly be!!

    (But I so get the “how did that get under there” sentiment. Seriously? Our cat loves milkrings (like off the jugs) and they end up EVERYwhere.)

  14. Good luck with the move!


  15. Wow. I will certainly hope your move goes better than mine. We moved 2 lots over and it was a nightmare. Next time we spend money on a moving company no matter what. Though I did discover that Bed Bath and Beyond will give you a ton of really good boxes for free. Just call the day before.

  16. Moving is like running - the work of the devil.


    And I think moving cross country is far easier than two blocks, you are forced to pack up everything and move it all at once instead of the piecemeal way. I don’t envy you but wish you the best of luck and cool weather!

  17. ugh. the moving. i hate the moving. . .
    i love #2 though….SO true. AND, once you get into your new place (if it was previously inhabited of course) when you’re cleaning the spots that no one has looked at for a million years you will say, “sweet louise, these people were P.I.G.S! how did they live in such filth?!” and then those same spots will be grim all over again when YOU leave because you of course haven’t thought of them since you moved in. mostly because they are behind the freakin stove. it’s an endless, and reliable cycle, no?
    best of luck with the move, and enjoy your new coffee maker!

  18. Moving IS a giant pain, but a change of environment is usually always exciting! Congratulations on the new place. I hope it brings forth only positive (and you know what kind of positive I am talking about) change in both of your lives. :)

  19. Hmm, I also have the week of July 1st off, but I’ll be lazing on the beach in San Diego. I’ll send you all my good moving karma though. Not as helpful as my biceps and back muscles, but it’s what I got!

  20. [...] The Lighter Side of Moving… I’ve recently been reading a Chicago blog called “Maybe Baby”–a blog that relates tales of a young, married Chicago couple and their attempts to conceive.  I read the blog not because I have any interest in attempts to conceive, but because it is interesting and heartwarming and often humorous too.  Anyway, they are moving July 1st too and this recent entry not only cracked me up, but also inspired me to list the top 10 things I’m thinking about as moving day approaches… 1) Wow, I cannot wait to have a dishwasher! 2) Wow, I cannot wait to have laundry right downstairs! 3) Hm, I wonder if I should just save some of this laundry and do it once I get moved in on Sunday? 4) Oh look, I could get a Peapod delivery on Sunday night! 5) I’m looking forward to that, because I am already growing weary of ordering takeout. 6) It is going to be awesome sleeping in a bedroom with two windows. 7) Hm, should I get a second air conditioner, or hold off? It’s been awfully mild this summer… I need to try to call Comcast again and see if I can schedule that appointment… 9) I need to finish filling out the form to transfer my gas… 10) Which is higher priority–working on compensation for a Director candidate, or posting that stupid loveseat on Craig’s list so that I (hopefully) get it out of here…? [...]

  21. Good luck to you! I am moving in only a handful of days myself. I totally stole this idea because it made me laugh out loud, and everyone needs laughs when they are moving…

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