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Don’t We Love to Turn Our Little Blue World Upside Down

Seventeen days past ovulation, seven AM on a bleary Sunday morning, and Constance still hadn’t gotten her period. We had one pregnancy test on-hand and decided that instead of boxing it up, tucking it between a pile of scarves and a Cuisinart, we’d give it a shot.

And, had Constance’s period not arrived in full force moments after releasing her first morning pee to the devilish stick, we would have been quite pleased with the partial second line that appeared on the test.

“What the hell does that mean?” Constance asked. “I’ve heard that any second line is treated like a positive result, but I know this is my period.”

And it was her period, and as of current there’s still no explaining that whiff of a second line.

“It’s the closest we’ve gotten yet!” I said, peeling it back out of the trash and placing it on top of the television. “We’re keeping this one.”

Now, holding court on top of the DVD case of Arrested Development Season 3, is our first pregnancy test with an 1/8″ second line, and while Constance’s period rages on I’m taking solace in the knowledge that the elusive second line is more than a grim, Grimm fairy tale .

Even if I now believe it to be a filthy stinking liar.

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  1. WOAH Nellie - torture devices … I suggest a blood test if she gets to thinkin’ her period is not doing “normal/usual” things the next couple of days

  2. How frustrating. I don’t have a good explanation, but probably someone will come along who does.

  3. This was the most frustrating thing. I didn’t know how to feel. It is definitely my period, no debate about it because it is even on the heavy side to add insult to injury - and just in time for moving week!

  4. I hate to be the bearer of bad news…but you could have experienced what is known as a chemical pregnancy. Chemical pregnancy is where the embryo was there, but failed to implant, but the hormones were there to give that HPT a “whiff” of a test line.

    I feel badly for you. I was hoping when I started reading that he was going to say “we took another and sure enough BFP” Maybe next month!!!

  5. You can be “slightly pregnant”. There is a blog by that name too right?
    I think JPsully nailed the explanation above. (assuming it is a full blown period and not spotting/light flow)

  6. Wow….what a cruel test–well depends on how you look at it I guess–Im GLAD you saw the line, but sorry that C has to deal with Aunt Flo….

  7. those damn sticks are nothing but trouble. . .

  8. And what’s worse is it’s like your body knows what you’re doing and holds out till just after the test! I mean come on!

  9. that just sucks. but I think JPSully is right - chemical pregnancy.

    Some might view this as good news - it at least means that now you kow you are releasing an egg, and the swimmers are getting to it and you’re getting an egg to fertilize and start the process of implanting, but this one just didn’t make it all the way. Doesn’t really feel like good news though, does it?

  10. I agree with everyone’s comments above. That being said, it’s a strange name (they ALL are: chemical pregnancy, spontaneous abortion, missed abortion - GAWD) that provides little, no make that, no, comfort. Thinking of you both.

    Kindly, Ms. Planner

  11. Argh, those darn tests. What a buzz kill.


  12. yep, everyone’s pretty well covered it. in a weird way, it’s good to have a little more info, sort of a peice of the puzzle. not that that’s any consolation. and while it can hopefully provide your RE some clues (maybe progesterone support is all that’s needed, among other possibilities), don’t be enormously surprised if your RE blows this tidbit off. false positives are also possible (the wicked “evaporation line;” if the line is not too faint, you might want to save it to show the doc). it sucks, and i really feel for you both, but i hope in the end some good comes of this (some kind of explantation).

  13. Yes, chemical pregnancy. You and/or Constance might be not be in the mood to hear this, in which case please put it aside for later (I promise you’ll want to hear it at some point): having had a pregnancy of any kind - chemical, ectopic, m/c, etc - improves your prognosis for conceiving and carrying to term in the future. So the loss is bad news, but the gain that came beforehand - it’s all good.

    Keep the peestick.


  14. People have covered the chemical pregnancy explanation, and I feel like everyone is pretty accurate, HOWEVER I want to add this to the pile…

    If the stick was old (or even if it wasn’t, really) it could have been just a crap test. Especially if the line was only sorta halfway down the test or whatever. You really can’t know THAT unless you take more than one.

    Whatever it was, I’m sorry. Ugh, I HATE pee sticks.

  15. Arrrgghh, frustrating but hopeful. Lets just hope next month the second line appears without the unwanted period!

  16. Damn. And best wishes for next-time. Talk about a seriously short steep plunge on the rollercoaster.

  17. I think those tests like to play games with us! Seriously, that was a horrible roller coaster and I hope next time the line is undoubltly there and the period isn’t!

  18. I’m with everyone above. I know it doesn’t feel like it, but I guess the good (?) news is that you didn’t spend several days thinking you were pregnant before finding out you weren’t. (And the fact that the bleeding is heavier than usually also lends credence to the idea of the chemical pregnancy.)

  19. What ever the line meant–I’m just sorry. I’m sorry it wasn’t a clear positive.

  20. it’s called a “chemical.” As in, something was fertilized, and didn’t implant properly, but enough to produce a bit of HCG, and thus, a late period, and a reading on a pregnancy test.

    Is constance on progesterone? Doing triggers at all?

  21. I have to add another vote for the chemical, and heavier period as the supporting argument. Sorry. This blows.
    I hope the moving week isn’t too stressful on the two of you.

  22. So remind me never to borrow AD season 3 from you guys…mmmkay?

    I have a love/hate relationship with pee sticks. I love to pee on them but they always break your heart.

    I’m sorry.

  23. This happened to me me once.
    I still wonder about that second (however faint) pink line.

    I wonder what that was.

  24. Sorry to hear about the faintest of faint lines. It could be a chemical PG, but sometimes there are defective tests. Also, the presence of blood (impending menstruation) in the sample can rarely cause a false positive… or it could be an evaporation line. But chemical PG is the most likely answer at 17dpo. Again, I’m sorry.

  25. Sorry for you both, so near yet so far! Its hard, I know only too well! Maybe next time huh?

    Take care the both of you.

  26. Isn’t it amazing how your period will wait you out, and then come just MINUTES after wasting a test? Really..its like it knows.

    At 17dpo it could be a chemical like the others said, or it may be that you just ovulated later than you thought.

    Isn’t all the guessing just so much fun? Fun like herpes is fun?? (Insert maniacal laughter here)

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