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Bald Like Me

Shaving our cat was not something we did solely to amuse ourselves, although random giggles and heartfelt guffaws have been a glorious benefit.

Cleo is like the dirty kid that refuses to comb her hair, bathe, brush her teeth or change her clothes. Grooming is not a skill Cleo developed due to premature removal from her litter, and as a result Constance and I are forced to cut clumps, knots and random objects out of her fur. She refuses to allow a brush to caress areas beyond her spine, which makes it impossible to keep her fluff from frolicking about our home – it clings to frying pans and sofa cushions, and it drops onto your tongue like an ashen snowflake when you least expect it.

So, we shaved her. And honestly, she’s never seemed happier. Constance thinks she looks like a 60s Go-Go dancer. My friend Tim thinks she looks decidedly ill. Personally, I have never been more endeared to an animal in my life, and feel a modicum of comaraderie with my favorite feline. I hated my hair and on the day I shaved it for the first time, I felt freedom from worry and loathing, and I can see the same in Cleo’s eyes.

It will be helpful in our new home, too. Closing has been delayed until Thursday, which leaves us a lot less time to get ‘er done. On top of that, Constance has to visit Dr. Reya’s office at 6:00AM tomorrow to chart our next steps.

But at least we’ll have our shorn kitty to bring a smile to our faces in the face of stress.

18 Responses to “Bald Like Me”

  1. My first reaction was that she looked like a majorette (it’s there a better term for this? Can’t males now be “majoettes”, too - especially since females have broken into the drumer major circuit). Regardless, upon emerging from her pet palace carrier yesterday afternoon, Cleo looked like Gwen Stefani. Not the ridiculous yodeling verision of Gwen. The other ridiculous version who spelles out “B-A-N-A-N-A-S”. Cleo aka Gwen aka Go-Go Dancer could not look more liberated.

  2. We used to have to shave our cat (imaginitvely named ‘Little Catty’ by my infant sister). She was a hand-reared orphan (the cat, that is, not the sister) and had NOT a CLUE how to keep herslef tidy. She was a long-hair too. Oy, but the battles we had holding her down so we could remove socking great matted wads of felt and brambles - how did they form so quickly?

    Your cat looks so darn cute in her little fuzzy ugg boots of fur.

  3. Oh my gosh, Matt and Constance, I love your cat.

    Sorta makes me want to shave mine, but she’d kill me in my sleep then for SURE. Frankly, we’re all just waiting for that to happen anyway.

    So…if she won’t sit for a brushing, how the heck did you SHAVE her???

  4. We used to have our late kitty groomed w/the lion cut also…she wouldn’t “speak” to us for days. Finally we told the groomer, just take it all off…no poof at the end of the tail, or boots. She seemed to like that much better :) But darn if they don’t look adorable w/out fur!

  5. She looks quite proud. I believe she fancy’s it. Good luck at the Dr’s apppointment tomorrow and for hte closing on thursday

  6. Wha-hahahahah!!! Poor kitty but boy is that funny!!!!

  7. So, uh, unusual. And yet soooo cute.

  8. I love your cat! Cleo’s so adorable… even without the fur. :-)

  9. delurking to say that is one cute cat! my mom used to work for some folks we used to think we weird and eccentric anyway they one day decided to cut their cat’s hair with a flowbee. do you know/remember the flowbee? let’s just say their cat did not look happy and relieved as your Cleo does.

  10. Oooh, oooh. I love the lion cut on your sweet cleo! She looks so sassy. Her furry bootsies and poof of a tail would amuse me on an hourly basis. And the big secret of having a furless kitty is how soft their skin is underneath. More Cleo pictures! More Cleo pictures!

  11. Think how cool she’ll be in the hot Chicago summer. Ooh, if only we all got to lounge around nekkid all day in the hot summer…

  12. Good luck with your appointment! And kitty does look a little go-go, you know…


  13. i hope the appointment goes (went) well. and honestly knowing what the next steps are can actually be a huge relief. i always felt like at least then i was getting somewhere. good luck!

  14. it’s a perfect treat for summer, too.

    Cougie bear needs some SERIOUS pruning as well, if I could just get him to sit still long enough without scratching out my eyeballs.

  15. Gosh, but your cat looks a lot like my Old Man - who’s also shaved - not so much for our amusement. He got his butt bit by something and it got all, you know, naaaaasty-looking. Watching him bump into things - while wearing his satellite dish-looking cone around his neck - well, it’s sort of funny!

  16. Needs some tattoos & piercings… :-)

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